Thursday, October 13, 2011

MDDB & MCCP ( Northen) Adoption Drive (1st Oct 2011)

Do you remember my post on MDDB & MCCP's first adoption drive?
Click here if you can't recall. :)

Well, after the first adoption drive that I went last two months.
I decided to join the organization as a volunteer. :)

I wanna know how does a adoption drive work.
Maybe I can bring this experience with me to my hometown, Melaka and held a adoption drive in Melaka.
As I know, in Melaka, there isn't much adoption drive.
Adoption drive for dogs and cats... NONE.
Or... There is....???~
I have never heard of adoption drive when I am in Melaka. =)

I emailed MDDB&MCCP, asking them do there still need volunteers?!
A day later, I received an email from Ellen, the person incharge of MDDB&MCCP.
In the email, she mentioned that she still need volunteers.
I tagged my close friends along to be part of them.

We helped up in setting up the banner.

Puppies' arrival...

Cute ain't there? <3

I fall in love with its pupils... So nice...!

The crowd. :)

Puppy found its new owner. Yeay~~!

While waiting to be adopted, let's make friends first! :D

Every adopter will be given a form to fill in.
This is to ensure the organisation can keep track of the puppy.
Besides that, the adopted puppy will be given free service on neutering / spaying at their 6th months.

I met my ballet met during the adoption drive!!!
Super happy!!! :DDD


Before we headed home, we planned to give ourselves some treats.
Tutti fruitie!!!
LOL.. no toppings...!
Don wanna increase its weight...
You think cheap ar... It's expensive weyy...!
We are poor students... :-x


Before I end this post...
Big thank you to MDDB & MCCP( Northen)

It was a great memorable experience for us. :D