Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MDDB & MCCP (Northen) Adoption Drive

A pet adoption drive in Juru Autocity, Penang on 6 Aug 2011.
It was held by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better & Malaysian Cats Care Project (MDDB & MCCP) - Northern Region.
*Click here to their website*
It was MDDB & MCCP (Northen) 's 1st Adoption Drive.

I heard the news of this adoption drive from the radio, while I was driving.
It came to my mind..
"Why not go and have a look at some doggies??? "

I dated my girl friends..
5 of us in total...
Dressed nicely and hoola...~!
We were heading to Juru. =)

The pretties...
I'm the stalker... (as usual.. :P )

The look of the day..!

Another shot.

Found the MDDB & MCCP's stall.

The volunteers were busy arranging the items.


I saw the puppies!
I was slightly disappointed. :(
I thought this adoption drive is something big..
Like those that held in KL..
But thinking on the brighter side, it is a good start for Penang region. =)
I'm sure there are more of these events in future.

So cute with ribbon! ^^
Aw.. how I wish to bring him home.
But I was staying in hostel...
No pets allowed, remember? >_<

There's this girl looking around at the stall.
*This pic I stole from MDDB FB album. :-P *

I got this for myself. =)
So cute!
There are 4 pins actually.
But I only bought 3. (Don't really like another design.. )


Dinner time!
Had our dinner at Ice Ice Baby.

Food: 4/10
Dessert & Drink: 6/10
Satisfaction: 4.5/10

Food was served in a very very small potion.
(Mr. Andyyyyy....!!! This is all your fault!!! )

Banana milk drink. (mine)

Choco Chip Ice (Shuyi's)

Peach Ice (Sim's)

Papaya Icecream Dessert (Teng's)
Personally I find this is not worth for its price.
RM11.90 for this! =___="
It's just the papaya with ice cream, and some sago and sea coconut in it.

Chen's Cheese kok rice...
Don't ask me why I name the rice so creatively .......
(kan in cantonese, they called it.. "cheee-siii-kok-fan...? Right? RIGHT??? )

My Chicken meat noodles.
(LOL... This is the name I created for this noodles.. Had forgotten its nice name in the menu. =X )

Sim & I

From right: Sim, WHO? , Chen

From right: Chen (Again =.=) , Shuyi, Teng

LOVEEEEE of the day!!! <3


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