Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The hostel's meow

I love animals...
Dogs especially, are my favieee! ^^
But I'm staying in hostel.
Dying to rear a dog at the place where I study.
But ya know...
Not every races love dogs. :(

The college authority said, no pets allowed in the hostel.
But cats are allowed, which I assumed.
Or else, there will not be more and more cats in the hostel.

Animals have this habit.
Once you fed them, they knew, they can ask for food from you in future.
Following and meowing at your whenever you walk pass them.

Yes, I do feed em'.
Quietly and secretly in front of my room..
As my roomie, dislike the cats.
She will nag at me if she sees me feeding them.
But these meow-ssss are just too adorable. x)

Enjoy the meowishhh pics below...

Shhh... Sleeping.. Zzzz..

The most handsome cat(Okay, in my opinion) in the hostel.

Mr Handsome is eating the chicken floss that I gave! ^_^