Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rose from you

"Syg, I have a surprise for you."
Received a whatsapp msg from my mister.

"Huh? Really? I loveeeee surprises!!!"

"But I don't know whether you like it or not. Small surprise k? Small surprise. "

"I loveeeeeeee...! "


Back from internship, my mister showed me a rose.
My first sentence was...
"Where did you PLUCK it from?"

I think he got a bit piss off when I asked him that.

"What PLUCKED??? I bought one okay???!! Just now when I walked out for lunch, I passed by a flower shop. I entered and bought it okay?!!! "


His expression was just sooooo cute while explaining...

He can't blame me for asking that question.
Coz I have seen him pluck flower in front of me!
It's in Botanical Garden!!!!
Luckily we didn't being caught!


The fresh rose had now becomes beautiful dried rose.
Which I placed it in my dashboard of my car.
So whenever I drive, the dried rose will link me to him. ;)

It's our first rose. :-*
Thanks mister. Love ya!