Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday: Dyno, Shu Yi and Lye Kean

Well, since I haven't got them prezzie yet...
Let me wish them H A P P Y B I R T H D A E here!
Writing this post is a present for you(Shuyi, LyeKean) !!!
Puh-leess don't get mad at me.
I'm broke now! :'(

Cheers? XD


Next, Shuyi Ooi...
Happy 21st~!!
Officially an adult now...
hahaha... XD

See... She's cute ya!


Next, Lye Kean, which falls on 17 August!
Let me wish you here first!

She loves cooking...


You see.... Only both of you with COLOURS... :D
Others are black and white! :'(


While searching for the pictures in my lappy,
I found THIS!!!
(The people in the pic requested to delete the pic :P)
Sorry for those who are late here.


Candice Chin said...

hahahaha the last picture and comment's funny!! XD

Shu Yi said...

wei....thank u la.....muaks of my pic is so.......=.=!!!
y got tat kind of pic 1

candicechong said...

[Candice] hahah.. :P

[Shuyi] hahah... well,I'm your admirer ma.. You were so happy that time! :P

sim said...

so good a u!!!
but y delete tat pic???
make me wonder nia!!!