Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ex Situ Conversation

Note: Photo heavy.

Ex Situ Conversation.
Venue: Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

FYI, Ex-situ conservation means literally, "off-site conservation". It is the process of protecting an endangered species of plant or animal by removing part of the population from a threatened habitat and placing it in a new location, which may be a wild area or within the care of humans.

So, we need to find an animal and do a research on that animal.
I have chosen...

Sumatran Tiger, which is an endangered species.

Did you know?

You know, this cute mama monkey has golden color baby monkey!

They did trim her hair. ^^

Sun bear.


These monkeys have big butt.

Can you see it? :P


Spot his tongue. :P :P :P

Long tongue ya~ :P

You came as a visitor, You depart as a friend. :D

Last but not least...

Spot your favourite part! XD


Abby Kihano said...

omg fun!!! lion!? you saw a lion!? i would run! LOL. that's so exciting!

and a sun bear!!! how cute!!!

and that giraffe tongue is long and black! that reminds me the last time i saw a giraffe... it made a bad impression on me. i was like OMG GIRAFFE! and next thing i know it was peeing in the corner!!! LOL!

i'm glad you had fun!!

Shu Yi said...

cool....the last pic >.<

Candice Chin said...

Love the giraffe photos but why did u take such a crude picture (last one) :P

sim said...

tat's ur favourite pic???

p/s; i finally did successfuly leave comment to you.
touch bo???