Saturday, August 15, 2009

Breakfast: half boiled eggs + milk = Heaven

My breakfast of the day...
Half boiled eggs + milk = > ~*Heaven *~

Mum-mum~ ^^

Oops! Sorry...
I can't stop myself when I see a mirror.

Do ignore my silly face.
I am just trying to thumbs up for my delicious healthy breakfast...


yenfang0225 said...


Roseilee said...

ooo never had that before!!! looks good!!

i love that last pic so cute! =)

Abby Quijano said...

wait... WHAT?! i've never heard of that!! O_O i'm so amazed! well i can tell that the egg isn't fully boiled... so does that mean that it's half cooked? i'm confused! i'm not saying it's nasty but i've never heard of the combination! hahaha... but you know what!? i'll try it for myself one day ! AND take pictures to show you how i did!

well first you gotta tell me how to eat it and how you prepared it so i get the same idea as yours! hah!!

candicechong said...

[yenfang0225] #^_^# paiseh na... ish.. :P

[Roseilee] thanks hun~ ^_^

[Abby] yes, it's half cooked. it's very easy.. the methods are
(1) Boil drinking water
(2) Put 2 eggs into a steel container
(3) Pour the hot water into it. (Pour until 1 or 1.5 inch above to cover the eggs)
(4) Cover the container.
(5) Leave it for 5 minutes. (Not more, not less. If too long, the eggs will become like hard boiled eggs, if less than 5 min, the eggs will become very watery... by then you will only see transparent egg white :-S)
(6) Times up! Take out the eggs from the container with spoon.
(7) Break it into a bowl. (You can eat soon...` :D )
(8) Now, 2 eggs are in the bowl. Put some black pepper powder and soy sauce into the bowl according to your liking.
(9) it's HEAVEN time~~~ ^___^

Have fun~ haha.. :P

Shu Yi said...

yer....geli lo

candicechong said...

[shuyi] it's nice ! ^_^ hahhah