Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Congratz my friend

Recently a friend of mine has been struck by the cupid angel.
Her worries, her doubts have now far away from her.
She's happy I can see.
Happy enough to influence my mood as well.
Looking at her talking in the phone, she shows her sweetest smiles.
Pretty I must say.
No wonder people says "Girls look stunning when in love."
The guy did a very great job.
Created a lovely website to show his love for her.
I am happy for her, as well as him,
Though I never met that guy before.
I believe he is a great guy,
If not, my fussy friend wouldn't fall in love with him.

CONGRATZ my friend,
Candice is happy for you.
I know from today onwards,
I have lots of sweet stories to listen.
Share with me if you want,
I am willing to lend my ears. ^_^


LikWei said...

Congratz to Grilz