Friday, February 27, 2009

Emcee ready?

Tomorrow, 28th Feb my class will be having a Motication Camp in SJK(c) Jit Sin B.
A very famous primary school in Bukit Mertajam.
The school has invited some Press and Media for our camp.
More than 100 people + students will be attending tomorrow.
We were shock!!!
And of course me, I am the emcee for tomorrow.
Nervous, I admit.
Hopefully everything goes well tomorrow.

Jia you, class 3 PISMP SN/PJ/PI!!!

EMCEE, are you ready?

YES I AM!!!! ^^


Raymond~ said...

LOL sis, you better make yourself a bloody good Emcee man! Otherwise I would make sure that I piak you hard lol!

Lime said...

We want Candice!
We want Candice!

Dyno said...

Dyno: Yo! You are the man!!! Do it!

Shu Yi said...

u hv done a good job.well done.

Tekkaus said...

So how is it? =) I'm sure you have done a great job right?