Wednesday, February 11, 2009


One fine day, mami found a snail on Grandma's plant.
She brought the snail into the house and trying to put on my body.
Very evil...

"Come la.. Shoot photo... You can blog on it." said mami.

I was like.....


"Ok...Ok... You put it outside later I shoot!!! Don't touch me!!! "

So, here's the outcome....

P/s: When I was capturing this snail, I had goosebumps on all over my body! Y-U-C-K-S! >_<"


Ahmike said...

Seriously, snail is nice in appearance. Your mami is right. you should blog it and see I learn it xD said...

and sucks...
wakaka.. wua wua wua..
i didnt afraid on it..
jz didnt like to touch or catch it up.


candicechong said...

hahahha..thx Ahmike... I shall thank my mom.. hahaha... said...

woah..this kind of siput pon u go take the pictures ka? lol @_@