Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday- Baskin Robbins' Day

Or I prefer to call it "WEAR-nes-day"

Put on your pink dress/top/pants/bangles/ or whateveryouhavein PINK and hop into Baskin Robbins 31 !!!

Wednesday = Pink Day in Baskin Robbins 31..

They have this "Double Jr. Scoop" , "Brownie ala Mode" or "Banana Royale" offers!

If you can't wait till 31st of the month for their 31% discount, why not wait for the Wednesday of each WEEK?
Sounds good, oh yeah?!
After all, the price you pay will be much lesser than their normal price. :P

My Double Jr. Scoop @ price RM7.50 (not including tax)

Just showed the B.R staffs whatever items you have in pink,
and you get to enjoy this Pink Day offer!

Yes, anything in pink.
Even if you have the pink karer braces...!

Pic courtesy of

Just stand in front of the staffs and show your brightest smile with your pink braces! (on Wednesday)
I think, the staffs will get what you mean. :)))
It's a PINK DAY afterall...

I missed my days with braces.
Although I hate to see my dentist monthly.
Somehow right now, when I search for the braces pic,
The kids that think that you are a monster because your teeth is full-with-steels...!