Friday, October 7, 2011

Everyday Coupons

Did you realize nowadays when you are surfing on the net,
you get to see this advertisement website that features discounted coupons?

For example,

"50% OFF Tomato-based Minestrone with Garlic Bread @ Delicious The Marc Residence"

Sounds interesting ya?

Here's a website I recommended if you want to look for awesome deals!!!
Everyday Coupons...!

Never heard of it?
It's simple.

For the first times, you just need to register yourself in the website.

Fill in your particular details.
Make sure you have a valid email address as everyday will send you the daily discount which are related/near you.

For example, if you are staying in KL, you just need to click on Klang Valley...

and all the wonderful deals in Klang Valley will be shown in the website.

Cool isn't it?
So, what if you are going to other states?

'Fraid not...
Just click on the states shown in the picture above...
For example, if you want to check on Penang's deal...
You just have to click on the link besides Klang Valley.
Simple as that..

If you still do not understand my words, let's have a look at "How Everyday Coupons Works? "

Easy right?

Stay tunes for my next post on how I get my yummy deals from Everyday. :D