Thursday, September 1, 2011

Holiday trip @ The Legend Water Chalet, Port Dickson

Raya holidays...
Back to hometown Malacca.
The mister said wanna go for holidays.. before he goes for work. :(
We chose the place which is out of the state but somewhere which is near Malacca.
"PORT DICKSON!!! " he said.

Port Dickson, located in the state of Negeri Sembilan.
1 hour drive from Malacca- Port Dickson.

Woke up in the morning...
Just to realise that my car tyre.... "Kena paku"... !
Sorry, no pic for that...
Totally ruined our journey.

Luckily mister was observant enough to spot the nail.
If not, I wouldn't think of what will happen when we were driving in highway. B-(
The breakfie with family session gotta cancel...
Saying sorry to grandma and mom for not having breakfast with them.
Then sent the car to workshop nearby immediately.



It took only ten minutes for the tyre to be done.
Nope, not changing the whole tyre. ( i just knew it)
The tyre uncle just used some small tubes and inserted the tube into the hole of my tyre.
yes, just ten minutes.
RM5 for the workmanship.
Okay, at least... not a bomb for the wallet.

When it was done,
I kept asking the uncle..
"Uncle, are you sure it is done? Just like that? Coz I need to travel far journey you know?! Can tahan...? "
The uncle laughed..." Can.. No problem lar... Still can use for a longgggg time..... TAHAN! "


Went to somewhere along Heeren Street for breakfast.
Yu Kiao Mee.
Recommended by mister.
It was my first time to the kopitiam.
Heeren Street and Jonker Street is not my area... I mean.. I'm not familiar any famous shops, food stalls, etc.
But my mister is the expert in these area...!
He has a lot kang-taw when asked bout food. :P

It's yummy!


We head to highway after our breakfast.
We made a stop in Lumut for lunch.
Lumut is a small town which 15 minutes away from Port Dickson.

Went for the famous curry king bun.

Super big bun.
The bun is bigger than my face!!!

Okay, you can't really see how big is the bun from the picture.
You gotta go there and see!!! O_O||
In the bun, there is curry chicken with curry gravy.
So, just tear the bun, dip into the curry and enjoy it. :D

The original look of the king bun.
psst: The curry chicken is in the bun already.


We reached The Legend Water Chalet, Port Dickson.
About RM400+ per night.
The amount was slightly higher than the rate we saw in the internet.
Maybe it was due to peak season.... Raya season you know.. =.=
Spent 3 days 2 nights there.

Aww... I really super love the view here...!

The scenery took from our water chalet.

Great place for fishing lovers.
Coz the chalet was built on the sea!!!
(that's why they named it water dum dum... =.- )

The view of the room...

Once I opened the door, I thought there is a hole at the floor.. Cz you can see the sea under.. Lol..

Excuse me for the mister's sexy bum bum... :P

Sitting on a comfortable chair while enjoying this...

Due to tiredness, we decided to have our dinner in the hotel's cafe.

I guessed I need to confiscate his iphone in order him to look at me!!!

LOL.. What face was that??!
He didn't know I was taking picture. x)

Our dinner...

The second night dinner...
We ate at PD town.
A seafood restaurant.

Yea, one picture only.
Was drooling at seeing the food... until forgotten to capture other dishes. :P
That dinner was RM60+.

Great memorable stress-free trip!
(Okay, except for the last night when mister received a call from his company, asking him to rush back for work the next day... :((( )

After all, you always feel sweet when you spend your days with the person you love.

Last pic to end this post!!!

This is what we did at night...
Mister never done mask before... Sooo... Jakun!!!
He washed the essence away after removing the mask. =_="
Made it black and white in purpose, so that it won't scares you off! lmao~

Location:Jalan Pari,Port Dickson,Malaysia