Sunday, August 28, 2011

Candice balik kampung

After driving for 8 hours..
From Penang to Melaka.
Finally i have reached my home sweet home safely.

Class supposed to end at 1230pm.
But so boring.
The college had this raya celebration
Not wanting to waste my time in college stuck in the jam..
I ajak Sim, who was following my car to Nilai.. To skip the function together. :x
That girl got super happy..

First time ever drove for 8 hours to reach Mlk..
Super tireddd.
Stucked in jam when we were entering and moving out from KL, at 4pm.

7pm, entered Melaka Ayer Keroh toll.
Heavy traffic in Melaka.

Public holidays, school holidays..
Melaka's visitors will definTely increase!!
Hatee #2!!
need to stuck in jam in order to get home..

Tiredness totally gone when I saw mister.
He had promised to give me a massage. (which he hasn't fulfilled it yet! :x )
Ate dinner at Jonker Street.
Ikan pari and sotong bakar, 2 white rice, 1 sky juice, 1 carrot milk and 1 bubur chacha, total around Rm50!!
Not worth..
Food not delicious.
What to do.. Cheat tourist money..
We came to the wrong place.

Took this during our drinking session.

Tmr, mister gonna hit the waves with his raft.
Hope everything will run smooth for him and his friend.

Mister's self-made raft in Pulau Lalang.

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