Saturday, August 6, 2011

Time to back to Ballet

After a long, long, super longgggggggg break....
Here I am... Back to Ballet.

I agreed that Ballet is a sport that you need to have consistent training.
After doing my first ballet lesson...After resting for 3-4 months,
My GOSH!!!
The body is aching like hellllll.....
Muscle pain... >_<
I think..
I have injured my hamstring.
This is really not good.
After all, Advance classes are not that fun anymore.
I don't find these classes stress free.
The Advance classes now are more in techniques, Techniques, and TECHNIQUES.
oh ya... and this..
stamina, Stamina and STAMINA.

I think I am getting older... FATTER.

Look at these sweet lil ballerinas....

The aging torn shoes...