Sunday, September 20, 2009

Swimming training

Hey ya~
Do you remember I went to Kedah for swimming selection?
Oh.. here's the previous post. ~*click*~

I was being selected to represent the Teachers Institution of Malaysia for Sukan Institusi Pendidikan Malaysia 2009 (SIPMA 2009) in swimming competition, located in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.
Is this a good news or a bad news?

To be frank, I love swimming... But I hate swimming trainings and competitions.
I dislike the stressful environment.
I wanna swim whenever I want..
Not by force... Or follow whateverstupidtrainingschedules you name it.
hmph! :@

Next swimming training will be tougher, I knew.
Can I cope it?
I pray hard to overcome it. :-S
God bless.

Training is eewwww.... but I gained friendships and fun with friends.

Coaches and swimmers.

Swimmers and driver.

I'm ready. :)

The end. ^_^


Candice Chin said...

Omg. are you some really pro swimmer? :P

chowchow7 said...

jia you...our team spirit will owaz b wit u....fight fight fight till de end!!!!!=)
*best of luck*

單眼皮男孩 said...

hey good luck o!!