Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ready to Kedah

Today, I will away to Kedah state for my swimming selection for 5 days! :'(((
The competition is just around the corner.
The coaches want to pick the best among the best for the competition in October.

I hate training.
Tired..Stressful.. Whatevernegativefeelingsyounameit...

Check list:
Clothes - Checked.
Swimming suit- Checked. i wish i forget to bring it to the pool
Swimming cap - Checked.
Goggle - Checked.
Biscuits/Tit bits - Checked.
Lotion - Checked.
Facial Skin Care - Checked.
Sun block - Checked.
Sleeping back - Checked.
Lap top - Checked. (Gotta do my assignments when I have the free time. :S blogging???)
my VIP, Nono - CHECKED!