Sunday, November 23, 2008

Get well soon my princess Angeline

Today I look at you
You show me your sweetest smile
The smile which I have been searching for days
Now it appears in front of me

I am so glad
I know today you are feeling better
Looking at you reading the new novel book
You are happy reading it
(Thanks to someone who bought it)

Thinking you have not been exercising for days
I say, "Hey.. Let's go for a walk!!"
You agree
I know you are excited

You call me ask for a wheel chair
I refuse to help you
"I want you to walk"
You smile and say "OK"

"Jie, bring your purse along"
I look at you one kind =_="

I carry your energy water
We head down to the hospital lobby
We walk slowly...
We walk pass cafeteria

You look at the food there
As if you have not eaten for ages
You say you are hungry
I wanna buy you food

You say the food is not suitable for you
I somehow feel pity and helpless
I do not know what to tell you
I remain silence

We walk out from the hospital lobby
Our car is just in front of the parking area
"Jie, bring out car keys and we leave here."
"Haha... OK!!"

We laugh out so loud
I wanted to bring you out
Unfortunately my car keys I left it upstairs
Gonna cancel our evil plan

We walk while talking
You tell me your stories
The stories which I never knew before
I listen to you quietly

We exchange our thoughts
We exchange our evil plans
We exchange our ideas
We exchange our critics

The short distance of walking
Makes me realise that you have grown up so well
I am grateful to have a sister like you
I appreciate the moments when you and I together

Back to your room
Looking at you lying down on your back
Seeing you finish eating the medicine
Till you ready to sleep

I leave you after that
I pray that you will get well very soon
Very soon that we sisters can start our sisters girlish talks
Again and again non stop crapping.



~*angeline*~ said...

so touch...
thx alot my sis!!
i love u till the day i die...