Thursday, November 27, 2008

281108 The birthday girl

28 Nov 1988
A girl was born in Malacca.
Her name : Lim Li Girl

A cheerful happy go lucky girl,
Not to forget her craziness.

She===> My roommate for 2 1/2 years!!!

We talk craps, study and do lots of crazy things together.
Some people said I have polluted her.
Wei... She's memang an evil ok.
Even more evil than me!
Don't be fool by her look.

I attached our sweet memories in this blog~!!

We start off from 2 1/2 years back...
With our silly faces...
Look at our 2.5 years back pics...
Hahaha.. Funny...
Okay I am chubby and fat! =_=
Because of your birthday, I sacrifice my UGLY look!
You should feel touching!!!

In the hostel....

You and Sim always fight....
Swt... =.="

I don't fight with you small girls..
Hahaha.. I am always the observer / recorder.
Hehehe... :P

Remember our physical test?

Our hang out...?
Kek Lok Si?..

After 2 1/2 years of knowing you...
Glad to have you as friend / roommate.
Happy 20th birthday Girl~!!


Xamcc said...

I wish i was i can fight with you ..LOL

candicechong said...

[Xamxx] hahaha.. try fight with me... we shall see who win!!

I am muscular now!!

Xamcc said...

I'm sure you will raise white flag.

candicechong said...

im stronger than you think...