Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stop it! You have done enough!!

Thanks for your morning smses and calls every morning.

Thanks for your night wishes and smses.

Thanks for nudging and message me in MSN whenever I online.

Thanks for searching for my information from others.

But, you have done enough!

Did you realize that you can't see me online in MSN anymore?
Bcuz I already blocked you in my list.

Did you realize that I no more replying your smses and hearing your phone calls?
Bcuz I think it is not necessary to do so.

Did you realize that you no more hearing my news?
Bcuz I already stopped people from telling my things to you.

What do you want from me?

A friend?
Ok I can accept. Let's be friend.

A best buddy?
Er...Sorry I don't think I know you well.

A soul mate?
Excuse me, do I know you?

A gf?
Please F*ck off!!

A wife?
Nah... _|_

You know who you are.

Stop doing what you always do.

Save your credit!

Save your time!

Find a girl that treasure you.

Find your love.

Forget with your favourite quote:
"I found my love and that LUCKY girl is YOU!!!"

Try to tell me this again,
and I will reply you with

"Thank you but F*CK YOU!!!"


Muhammad Nazeef said...

srsly f8ing mad eh?

candicechong said...

ya la... bengang with this type of ppl...