Monday, September 22, 2008


Ohhh Yes!!!
I just need to struggle for few more days till 26th Sept!
Just that few more days and I can enjoy my holidays for 1 week!!
Even though 1 week only.
I am already very happy.
This is soooo GOOD!

After days,weeks and months of boring study life!
Gonna rest kaw kaw!
Run away as fast as I could from this college.

Holidays plan?
I don't know yet.

But here's my plans that came into my mind:
  1. Celebrate Mami's birthday on 29th Sept in Malacca.
  2. Yum cha with my Malacca old buddies.
  3. Lepak-ing and shopping in Malacca. (with sis or friends)
  4. Go pasar with grandmother. (So long didn't follow her to the market already)
  5. Go Bukit Baru food court to have breakfast. (To see the "yaw zhing"? Haha.. Sis will know what I meant. :p)
Hmm.. So far this are the plans during my holidays.

Friends, ring me up during my holidays.
We go yum cha, pak gua, makan...etc.

~* Posing doggie, Ruby falls in love with her master's shoes *~

Holidays.... Holidays.... I am waiting...

Cheers !