Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today went for Physical Education ( Pendidikan Jasmani) test.

Our task: 10 logomoto and 10 non- logomoto steps. We need to think of the routine ourselves.
*Logomoto: Moving from one place to another place. Another meaning, shifting in location.
Non-logomoto: Opposite meaning of logomoto. *

And guess what?

I got the highest marks!

Mah Score: 27/30[HAPPY ^____^ ]

The examiner said he gave the highest score to Miss Chong Y.X.

That’s my name!!!


Many of my friends said they already expected as I learned ballet and gymnastic skills.
(LoL. Should thank my mom for sending me to learn all these when I was small. =) )

Girl and I was posing before the test starts. LOL. Look at our COOL face.

Mah starting pose.

Some of the movements are as below:

Mah ending pose.