Thursday, September 4, 2008

Food in Malacca

*new pics added~!! 080908


Every time when I blog on food my face will automatically smile.
I heart food very much.
Especially food from my hometown.
Nyonya food, Cendol, Dodol, Chicken Rice Ball, Laksa, Wan Tan Mee, etc.
Dammit! I feel hungry now….

Pictures below was taken in a street called Bunga Raya. (hahaha… Funny name.)
I do not know how many of you guys out there have been there.
There is a small lorong in that street, where people sells steamed “si-ham”, “lala”, “lut-lut”, fried Yong Tau Foo, Kangkung Sotong, etc.. etc..

The uniqueness of this small lorong is…
If you want to eat there, you must sit beside the longkang to eat.
Yes, sitting beside the drains where sometimes you can see cockroaches and rats are passing by there. :p
Small wooden stools are provided there.
The table is just “ngam ngam” at your knee’s height when you sit down. (Sorry la for those who are tall. Memang difficult!)
But they provide high stools and tables too.
But what’s the point of you getting there?

~To eat the sea food in a “imbas kembali” way right?

Try to think back, how many times can you sit beside the dirty drain with a small stool to eat?

Trust me. Sit on a small stool with your legs “kangkang” definitely got the FEEL. (back to the oldies feel la… Please stop your mind from flowing to other places.)

Now back to the food.

Each small red plate cost RM1.50 nia.
When you have finished, you can ask the taukeh to bring another plates.
First, the taukeh will deep your sea food, eg “si-ham” into the hot boiled water.
Then he will out it back into the plate and serve it to you with his special made sauce!
Really thumbs up for his sauce.

Cannot eat sea food?

Not to worry.

They have side dishes: kangkung sotong and fried Yong Tau Foo.
They are very nice too! ~love~

Saw the red plates? Yes, they are the “si-ham”, “la-la”, “snail” and lady’s finger.
Mah friends from other states

Left [from front to the back]: Kean (Perlis), Me, Sim (Seremban)
Right [from front to the back]: Girl (Malacca), Seok Yi (Perlis), the back two girls I tak kenal..strangers.

Oh and one more…

The sweet photographer: Wenjia

Yeah! Makan time.

Can you see the sotong-s…?!

This is the small stools and the eating place~!!

~* They being interview by "Ho-chiak" before~!!

~* Everyday this place will be full. *~

Now only I realize that other state’s nasi lemak is without sayur kangkung!!
My friend ordered a plate of nasi lemak and it is served with “kangkung”.
As what they said, in their states the nasi lemak do not served with “kangkung”.

Huh? Is that true?

Nasi lemak from Bukit Beruang. (Ok, another funny name for a place called.)