Sunday, August 17, 2008

School Based Learning

I had finished my school based learning in SJK(C) Ping Ming.
Total 5 days.
Very fun and had learn many things.
The pupils, the teachers, the headmaster etc..

Yea, I know it is not the biggest primary school, but i love the environment there.

And you know what?

The school has 3 tingkat only.
But this school has provided the students there LIFT!!!
For them to naik ... turun...
Walao eh~
Students nowadays so "ho mia"a.k.a "ham fuk"!!

Should I say it's a waste? (3 tingkat only le....)


Should I say this school is sooo damn good?
Knowing students nowadays carry super big bags, so there is lift for them to go to their classes?

lol. I wouldn't know.
Why not you tell me the answer you choose?