Sunday, August 17, 2008

My students' work! Kiut!!!

I entered standard 2 class and I teach them to do something. Maybe you can teach your young ones at home too.

Here's the instructions:

  1. Take a piece of A4 paper and cut it into half.
  2. Share the 2 pieces of paper with your partner. (The value- Sharing is being introduced to them)
  3. Draw your favourite picture on the paper. ( Creativity is being introduced to them)
  4. Cut the picture nicely.
  5. Roll the leftover paper. ( Reuse the paper. Nilai cintai alam sekitar is being introduced)
  6. Measure it according to your fingers.
  7. Glue it. Make it as if as ring.
  8. Ta-daaa...~ Finish!!
See.... so many moral values can be teached to the kids....

I upload my students work here.

They are very creative I must admit. =)

Don't believe me?
See bawah... Click the picture to enlarge it.