Sunday, October 23, 2011

Books. You. Me.

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

I started to fall in love in reading books, especially non fiction books.
Yes, I don't like reading.
Books that are more than 1000 words?
Argh... SORREYY! :X
The only type of books that I used to read were fashion magazines and photo editing books.
But because of your influence,
Non fiction books weren't boring after all... :)
Thank you for introducing great books to me, darling.

The other day I went to Popular Bookstore in Sunway Carnival to look for great deals.
I bought this book for myself.

The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert

I have read Eat Pray Love by the same author, Elizabeth Gilbert.
Eat, Pray, Love...
Isn't that girls normally do?
Eat- I always hunt high and low with my girlfriends for great yummy food.. (how to say NO to desserts?)
Pray- Yes I do pray. (I only pray when something happened! Yes, I admit it)
Love- The sweetest moments I have in my life when I met my mister darling. :-*
E.P.L is a well written romance novel. =)
That is the reason I get her another book, The Last American Man.
Started to love this author.
Although this may not a romance book,
But I'm going to read it. :D
Curious who would actually call himself the last American man?


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