Saturday, September 17, 2011

Girls day out


Too bored staying in hostel.
Decided to hop to Penang island with the girls.

It was super long queue while waiting for the ferry.
*sorry no pic. =.= it's just some common traffic jam which you can see in kl.*

While waiting for the ferry,
C-A-M-W-H-O-R-E !!

No, they are not my friends. :x

We did not decide any place to visit/shop.

Since we traveled by ferry, the closest mall from the jetty was KOMTAR!

"Eh.. Long time did't go Komtar dy. Let's go there larrr! "

We went for this shop, Fresh 鲜茶工坊 located in Komtar Walk, recommended by akean.

I ordered passion fruit green tea with coco & pearl, RM3.50

Consider cheap, kan?
Eh.. You can't get this price in a shopping mall leh.. With pearl some more...! Nata De Coco lagi...!

Average price for the drinks: RM2.50-RM4.00
Rate: 7/10

Teng is always the joker.
You never get bored when hanging out with her.
Her silly moves really can make you laugh until tears!

Here's the story...

She was so jealous that we get to suck the pearl & coco with the straw...
She couldn't make it. xD

See, the cup kemek d... but still.. she failed... XD
Very concentrating!

Akean felt pity for her.
So she got her a spoon!

Her happy facey... searching for gold pearls i mean...


She made it!!!!

I beh-tong see her face!!! [beh-tong ( penang hokkien) = behtahan (southen hokkien) = cannot stand (in ingelishh) ]

Just right outside the cafe, there was this function by, Malaysia's Malay radio station.

We did not know who the malay singer is... But still... We went to the concourse to give support to take the free gifts ...

Free gifts: Red bull, car sticker and flyer don't know what flyer is that, never read

We hang around in Komtar to pass our time because I need to pass clothes to my buyer. =) Fast deal buyer.

Just before we went back to mainland, we headed over to Diner’s Choice Western Food in Gerbang Erskine.

Diner’s Choice Western Food
1, Gerbang Erskine (Erskine Grove),
Mt. Erskine,
10470 Penang.

Tel: +6016-4552082

Business Hours: 5pm-11pm (Closed Thursday)

How we get to know this place?
Akean, an online food hunter.
She found it in a blogger's blog.. and heard from friends that the western food here is awesome!

My order: Coke+ Mushroom soup+ Grilled Lamb Chop
Total: RM2+RM5+RM14.50 = RM21.50

Total: RM21.50
Rate: 3.5/10

I don't find the food here is nice.
A bit below average.
Friends also find that their chicken chops weren't taste that good.
But frankly, the price is cheap. =)
Chicken chop only cost RM7.

Here's the menu...

I don't like the environment either.
The stall was in a hawker shop, in a housing area.
The surrounding was hot.
We sweat while cutting our chops. LOL! =.=""

Now, we understand that, never fully trust a food review from the internet.


It's 12.55am.
Going to bed now.
Writing this post while waiting for incoming emails from mister.
But... NIL.
He is busy I know. =)
Will wait for his mails tomorrow then.
Miss him lots.. :')