Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy birthday Shuyi and Lyekean ! :3

Shuyi's birthday was fall on 22 August, while Lyekean's birthday fall on 23 August.
I'm sorry, now only post up this post.
Too busy with assignments.


Driving to Penang island from Butterworth.
Took this while i'm on the ferry.

I heart my striking yellow shoessss .. !
So not matching to the dress.
Who caresss?! :-x

Friends planned to have celebrations for the girls in Red Box.
Look at the crowd...!
It was public holiday.
no wonder....

Teng, Sim and the blog owner...

The sweet birthday girl, shuyi..

Cake... :3

Stephanie, piggy Sim and shocking Teng.. :P

The guy with the mic...

Muakkkss to the bday girl, Shuyi..

Another kiss to another birthday girl (so obvious =.= ) , LyeKean

Pity ah Teng.. XD

Look at the ultimate expression!

The Groups....

Wishes to Shuyi and LyeKean...
All the best in your future undertakings.
We gonna grad soon...
I will miss you... :')
May your wishes come true.

p/s: I know what's LyeKean's wishes. lol.. Had recorded it in my video. ^^ hmmm...
Don't worry Kean, sap sap water la your dream~~~ :P


Shu Yi said...

i dunno wat's her wish. dun wan 2 share??