Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There is this special guy in my life

It was all started so randomly..
The word "Sarikei" linked us up.

I said, he is special because..
He started the conversation with the word "Sorry miss Candice..."
Very seldom people starts the conversation with the word "Sorry".. Right? Right?
I don't know about you...
But for me, yes, very very seldom. =)

We started to chat when he was.. somewhere in sea.
And I was in his hometown. =)

He was there for me, to give me supports, encouraging words and courage in life.
Whenever I am feeling unhappy, I grab the phone, text him in whatsapp, and start complaining whatever-small-tiny-issues which irritates me.

Listen to my nagging, as usual...
He never failed to cheer me up.
There were so much laughter when we chat..

Talking on the phone for the first time,
We listened to each others' voice and giggles....
That is all I can recall...
We did not talk much...
We...just...laughed... :D

It was sweet.
The excitement made me sweat while I was listening to his voice.
What's wrong with me??

He often asked me to judge him..
All I have in my mind is...
You are a great guy, Andy.. and..

Candice in Penang, Andy in Melaka.
We chatted in Skype.
Very happy moments. ^^
Shall we hook our fingers and promise that, we will never be apart? ;)