Sunday, July 24, 2011

Long hair no more

My long hair has been with me, for 3 years.
It's time to say Goodbye. :D
Keeping below-butt-hair-length is sooo troublesome....

I always wanted to cut my hair short.
But I have no guts to cut it.
Imagine, your 3 years hair... LOL...
Got "kam cheng" already... :')

I told my mister that I wanted to cut my hair short..
Keep telling and bothering him.
End up one day, while he was with me in Penang,
He said, "Come! Let's go and cut your hair. I accompany you. :D "


"Yeah.. kan you always wanted to cut short?? ;) "

Therefore longhair no more... ;')))
welcoming my SHORT HAIR! ^___^

p/s: Thank you my mister for accompany me in the salon. :-*