Sunday, July 24, 2011


Tied this hair braids on the way to Langkawi, in the ferry.
Yea, messy braids I know.
My mister tied it for me. :P
2 hours from Penang to reach Langkawi in the ferry.
Soooo boring....
The waves made me sick... :-S

"Deardear, do you know how to tie braids?"

"Yea, sure! Come! Turn around. "

"Huh??? You really know? "

"Remember I had long hair before? :DDD "

He gave me the big sweet smile.

Just I remembered, yea, he was once in long hair!!!

and it was super farneyyy!!! XD
(feel like posting his long hair pic here... shud I? LOL XD )
Please dear, please don't keep long hair anymore!!!

I am afraid that my ahma and mother can't recognise you! x)

p/s: old pic, my hair now is short. ;)