Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ohaiyo~! Semester Break!

It's already half a year of 2010 now.
Time really flies!
And... I like it! XD

Many of my friends have already graduated from their universities. *CONGRATS!!!*
Well, I still have another 1 1/2 years to go.
Right now, I am really enjoying my life as a trainee teacher.
I start to know children behavior nowadays.
Start to know what is their motive in doing something weird. :)

It is my semester break now.
3 weeks holidays.
I do not plan any to do list in my holidays.
I do not want to stick to things that are in schedule planned. Hehe...

During holidays, I sleep late at night.
And I wake up at 1pm.

That is what I call "L-I-F-E".
Happy holidays for those who are having holidays now~!

Cheers~! XD

P/s: Should be "Good afternoon". :x


Shu Yi said...

oh~i like tis brushing teeth pic^^