Saturday, March 20, 2010


It was all happens too sudden.
Out of no when I received the sudden news.
I was too shock and heartbroken.
For all the effort I had put, it became zero.
Tears of anger were dropping.

Liers, the person I hate in my life.
Cheaters, the person I curse all the time.
Now, one of them had appeared in my life.
I am bleeding, in my heart and soul.

This lier hates being cheated.
And yet he tells lies and makes wonderful stories.
The person whom I knew long ago,
Has now become another person.
With the big L on his forehead,
L-O-S-E-R, I named it.

Promises and agreements were made.
Fingers were hooked so tightly.
Just to lead a better future life.
I don't need commitment actually.
All I want is a happy ending.

I realized, things that had happened will not be corrected.
My favourite phrase, "What is done, is done!"
I can only look forward... Hoping things will go better.
And the silly nonsense will not be repeated. NEVER!

If you still stick to your nonsense stupid habits,
You will fall definitely.
The things that you build up so nicely, will be ruined by your own hands.
Please remember this all the time.

I always believe in KARMA.
What goes around, comes around.
Blessed. ;)