Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm back...

Many things had occurred within this 2 weeks.

my SIPMA swimming competition was finally over...~
I got
third placing for 4x100m relay...
forth placing for 800m...
fifth placing for 400m...

What I can say about this year's SIPMA...
This year's organizer is totally a failure..
Everything was chaotic and last minute..

2 years back, we got FREE luggage bag, tee shirts, cap, track suits, sport shoes, meals provided and pocket money.

This year, we got FREE lousyluggage bag (The bag reaches me not even one minute, the long strap has already broken), one tee shirt, track suits, and cap(where we need to keep phone and call the organizer in order to get our cap!).

2 years back, we were given a bus for sending us from the staying place to the pool escorted by policemen every single day.

This year, we were given a bus, whereby we need to share with other athletics. The bus was so full that some of us were forced to stand to reach the destination.

SIPMA 2009 ===> FAILURE! :@

I swear, this will be my last SIPMA!

My swimming team.

A little gift from my college friend.
THANKS Yin~!!! ^_^
The KitKat is yummy!!!



During my last swimming training before the competition, I received a shocking news.
My grandpa's condition was not really good.
Somehow, my concentration during trainings were distracted by this news.

Everyday, I was just hoping that he can get well soon.
But I knew, sometimes, we couldn't get the things we want.

I phoned home whenever I free.
Asking the condition of grandpa.

I traveled back to hometown from Seremban to Melaka by 1 hour bus after trainings.
Seeing grandpa breathed difficulty on the bed with the oxygen supply and sodium chloride dripping.
Every one in the family takes turns in reading the bible to him beside his bed.
Pages by pages...

I read the bible to grandpa.
My tears started to fall along my cheeks.
I controlled.
Just that I realised, we as human, are weak in life.

2 days stays at home.
My uncle, the family doctor announced that grandpa's condition was back to normal.

I therefore traveled back to Kuala Lumpur and ready myself for the swimming competition.

After my first swimming event, I received calls from mom that my grandpa had left us!!!
I was shattered into tears after hearing the news.
But I couldn't go home as the next day, I had another swimming event.
Mom wanted me to stay focus during the competitions and only back once I finished everything.
I did not go for the funeral.
Feeling down, bad and sad...
Thankfully, there is Max who accompany me during my low peak in KL.
He always give positive words for me to be tough.
Thanks dearie. =)

Rest In Peace, ah gong...


Karen a.k.a Moli said...

very sorry to hear that dear. deepest condolence. May he RIP

be strong

Candice Chin said...

The KitKat looks like a WIN! ;)
Sry to hear abt ur grandpa though :(

chowchow7 said...

sorry to hear tat...
May GOD be with you & your family~
to console...=]

單眼皮男孩 said...

so sorry to hear that.
don be so sad, ur grandpa is with god now, god will take care of him.