Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Rachel, the ballerina.

We named her, Rachel.

Don't ask me why...
Went I first saw it, I fall in love with her!!!
Everything which gotta do with Ballet, I just can't stop myself in loving it.
Probably I heart dancing so much...
Or probably I was a dancer, gymnast and ballerina last time. (Thanks to my mum)

I wear Rachel as a necklace.
Bring her close to me whenever I go.
And ya...
I bring my CanCan and DiDi along with me too~!!! XD


P/s: Rachel is made by polymer clay. =Handmade= ^__^


Clarissa said...

Rachel's a cutie!!

candicechong said...

[Clarissa] Rachel said: "Thanks thanks!! ^_^ "