Friday, March 27, 2009

Lollipop Day

Lecturer just came back from Cameron Highlands and bought OLD , CUTE 20plus year old children us the STRAWBERRY LOLLIPOP!

We were so excited.
Grabbed the lollipop, tore the plastic bag and started to eat in the Dilarang makan Science Lab. ^^

There is this girl said, "Aaww... I feel like I'm being in loved...!!!"
LOL.... LMAO... XD

Whatever it is...
It recalls my childhood memories.
I seldom get sweets nor lollipop during my childhood.
Each time, I will keep my pocket money and went to the primary school canteen to buy my precious colourful sweets food i mean. :P
Then I will bring em' back home and eat together gave it to my sister.
We sisters will hide at a corner or in a locked room and eat it. ^^
It was a very exciting moment!!!

But now, sweets seem to be getting far away from my life.
The feelings of eating sweets weren't the same as last time when I was the little cute naughty girl.

Time flies...
Hobbies changed , favourites changed, friends changed, people changed...
Everything seems to be changing as you grown up.
But one thing for me that didn't change, MY AMBITION TO BE A TEACHER.
Teacher, the only thing that I wish for from small till now.

I pray hard that I will successfully finish my education course.
2 1/2 years from now, let us celebrate...
Shit! How come I feel so awkward in writing this phrase out???

Yummy~!! ^^

The big baby

Another big baby Girl :P

P/s: When is your last time you eat a lollipop???


HOO YIK YANG said...

[blog update checked]

LOL it is so nice
>_< quite long time didnt eat always..
so nice!!
have a sweet day ;)

Karen a.k.a Moli said...

Yummy looking lollipop.......yum~~

Shu Yi said...

nice post,i can say

Clarissa said...

yummy lollipop!!Good for you,girl!I haven't had one lately coz my kids eating them for me!lol!