Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Satay Steamboat

Place: McQuek's Satay Steamboat Recipe
Located: Bandar Hilir Melaka

Self service: RM0.55
New fresh satay sauce: RM16
Sate Celup "eat-all-u-can" : RM23.90

CanCan and DiDi were enjoying themselves by looking at me eating.
CanCan: Keji mami.
DiDi: WTF!! =.="


Barley Lime.

Piggy spoted!!!


ImBlogger said...

Huh..the Piggy is your sister Angeline? I didnt know that she can eat that much! :O

candicechong said...

hahaha yaya!!! :P wakakaka

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

I never try it before.. nice ma?

~*angeline*~ said...

i wer got eat so much o.!!!!!!!!
wa kao!!!!!!!
who is IMBLOGGER???!!!


ImBlogger said...

:O !
I thot you are cute cute gal..(chubby type)
I didnt know you're quite...
Calm down...Relax angie!
I love to see you angry...matched with your name..angryne.. :)

Alex Chua said...

Ei, may i know where the exact location, i never notice this place =.="

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

satay celup!! i miss it!! but eating that once in a month will be fine, kinda "gelak" to eat too much.

~*angeline*~ said...

i think i noe who is IMBLOGGER ad!!
u ar!!
hrm....u r citybank cc workers!!!


ImBlogger said...

Yeah man! wanna apply? We are doing offer for Citibank CHOICE card..
you are so "cute"
ne ne ne put put?

~*angeline*~ said...

ne ne ne put put~
i dun wan apply~


Max said...
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zool said...

This 'stall' is always bz at night.. And sometimes customer park at 'bahu jalan'..
Make road jem woo..

candicechong said...

it's located beside the shell, somewhere near to SJK(c) Pay Fong 2 in Banda Hilir.

Haha..yes.. you're right zool, cz their car park is very limited... swt..

TOLANIC.com said...

i want to eat. come belanja me!!! =)