Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yumcha with mah baby sister

"Eh... Are you free? I bored la. Come let's go for a mamak drink." I said.

"Ok. 5 more minutes then I will be ready." Sis said.

Suddenly a msn message nudged me.



She must have been already waiting for me.

Sis suggested to go to the mamak stalls where we can see lots of lengchai-sss.
We can sambil chit chat while cuci mata.
LOL-ed. =P

We started off with very serious mode.
After ordering our food : Limau Ais, Teh-O Limau Ais, Roti Planta and Ikan Pali asam pedas.

Finish eating, we had our girlie talks.
Love life, study life, family, everything!!!
Facts, Jokes, Complains etc...

We laughed a lot.
Our two hot chicks' reputation in mamak had gone and drop to NEGATIVE!!!
We laughed really laugh a lot.
Sis even laughed till she cries.
I kept banging the table while laughing...


Why are we laughing so much and so loud?
Candice Chong is very "淑女" type you know!!!

We even laughed until the people who sit near us stared at us.
They must be wondering "Oh my God! What's wrong with the two babes??! Laugh until so ... WTF! =_=" "

I remembered I received a call, he asked "Why must yumcha outside with your sis? Can't you girls just sit at home and chit chat?

"Aiya... The feeling is different maahhh.. =P " I answered.

Yeah, indeed.
I just love the feelings...
We sisters gossip about other people.

So if any of you keep sneezing at night, especially at 11pm onwards...
Yes no doubt...
We are gossiping about YOU!!!

CHeerS! ^_____^

p/s: None of our family members woke up from sleep when we were out. Our mission has completed lin~!! Tonight let's do it again. Yumcha theme session for tonight: New Year eve count down. ^^


Orange said...

i was sneezing badly last nite...

martini's villa said...

haha, you two really like cartoon characters..bang table lagi..lolz XD

Matthias aka. Matt2001 said...

yer~ why gossip about me..
i so cute...

ahmike said...

lol sampat girls spotted in MLK

candicechong said...

[Orange] Yea, we gossip about you alot! ;P

[m. villa] LOL. Girls ma.. also can act like guys...

[Matt2001] yeah indeed we gossip about you too.. hahaha..

[ahmike] hahahah... ssshhhhh... don say so loud.