Monday, November 17, 2008

What a bad day

Bought a top shop pink singlet online from a seller at
The price is definitely cheaper than those in shop.
I feel really happy!! Can save the amount of money~!! :P

After paid RM4 for the postage and the clothes, wait for the arrival clothes.

When the item reached me,what I got was just a RM2.50 pos express envelope.
(wtf!! I paid RM4 for the pos express envelope~~~~)

As you know, RM2.50 pos express size is the smallest size.
My baju was being folded until so small just to squeeze the clothes into the envelope.

When i took the clothes out, it already crumple like "kiam chai"(saulted veg).
Do you know how sad I am that time?
My lovely clothes......~~~~ T_T
I almost wanted to cry!!!

When I took that "kiam chai" baju out....


The strap has torn!!!

That really piss me off!!!!

I send a personal message to the seller.
(Wanted to leave the message "YOU SEND ME TORN CLOTHES!!!" in her thread. But considering she still need to jual barang, I decided to talk to her politely in personal message. [pm] )

So we chatted a bit in pm.
I have also send her the pictures of the torn clothes.

She told me she did check properly when she post the item out for me.
She folded properly when she post out.

Oh ya?
So did she mean that I cut and torn the strap myself and accuse her? wtf!!!
(Do you think I got nothing else to do??? Cutting the strap to fill up my free time??? Or my hobby is Koyak-kan baju???)
So I said I paid for RM4 for pos express postage fees but why did you choose a RM2.50 pos express for me???

She didnt reply this statement.
She kept stressing that she did check properly before sending it to me.

I malas wanna layan this seller...
Waste my time only.
I didn't ask for refund thou~
I didn't leave bad comment at her thread also.
I just take it as ...
"Haih... My bad day..."

I am very disappointed with this type of seller...
>.<" Below are the torn strap...

I always love my clothes.
New or old clothes... They always to be my beloved things.
When a clothes if dirty, I surely very "kek sam".
This time I pay for the clothes and what I get is a torn clothes!!!

Someone told me I should leave dirt shitty comments at her thread so that other buyers out there will be aware of this seller.
But... I just could not help myself to do it.
She.... Still need to "berniaga"...
In cantonese, "Fong Go Kui Ba"......~
In English, "Give her a chance"...~

I think she will learn her lesson.
I really hope so... T_T

My BAD day.


Muhammad Nazeef said...

too bad~
the singlet look nice..
damn seller~...cannot be trusted one

~bsj~ said...

Ma de..should hv cheong soi her at ma!!last time i received cacat masks i also make noise until the seller refund me the's cheap..but cheat me..i f*ck u!should hv cheong soi her..if not more ppl will kena!