Monday, November 24, 2008


Bathe for "Wang-Wang" today.
Wang-Wang ==> One of the grandma and grandpa's dog.
Wang-Wang in chinese 旺旺
Means "Fatt Choy"~
Probably my family wish to be rich!!

There is another dog, named "Kitty".
Don't ask me why name the dog a cat's name. T_T
I don't know.
Ask my grandpa.
He named the dog.
Swt...!! =_=

I only dare to play with Wang-Wang as I heard Kitty bite people before.
So pictures below are all Wang-Wang.

Wang-Wang, the dog without tail.
Grandma tied/chopped off his tail when he was a puppy.
This is serious, no joke.

He is very kepo.

He saw something.

A bird.

Or even a cat.

Now, let us focus at his sexy butt.
Sexy isn't it?
Tailless dog.
OMG! I ter-snap his balls and ass-holes.
Oops!! SOrry~~~ =X

Loves to be sayang by me.

Lai, Candice jie-jie sek sek...~~~


Matthias aka. Matt2001 said...

yer!! so cham, no tail...

candicechong said...

LOL... yea.. being cut off by my brand ma...
=.= Swt...

candicechong said...

oops!! mistake...
shud be *grandma*...

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

ooo cute. gosh butchered his tail?

his colour is unique ^^ white at the top back