Friday, November 14, 2008

Gosh! It’s finally over! ^^

Finally I finished all my SEVEN papers in 2 weeks! What will I score? I wouldn’t know.
Just hope that I can pass in all the seven subjects.

Stay up late till 5.30am or even 7am every night just to finish the entire syllabus for every subject, make thick coffee just to keep myself awake, find some cookies for munching to make the eyes “blink –blink” and open wider, force myself to walk around by drinking a lot of water and keep going for washroom, etc…

Why is this happening???

It is all due to our beloved Malaysia education which is totally EXAM ORIENTED!!!

Any of you out there support this freaking “AWESOME” system?

Do you agree that we can be judged just by looking at the single paper especially when we look for a job?

Can they reflect on a person’s ability by looking at the “Oh STRAIGHT A’s cert”???

Doesn’t the Education Ministry realize that the current education system is so damn impractical, burdensome and useless???

A friend of mine who score honors in his Physics cert when it comes to his industrial training, he knows NOTHING!!! YES, N.O.T.H.I.N.G!!! He knows none on how the machines work, what is the function of this particular item? He is completely zero when it comes to practical work compare to his studies which he always scores CGPA 3.8 and above!!! His colleague who has zero certs is more knowledgeable in handling practical work!!! Can we blame this brilliant boy? No…. Blame it on the education system if you like.

In this realistic world, most companies nowadays want to hire someone who can THINK not someone who knows how to score As only.

Every year, when the SPM results are published in the newspapers, we see tons of brilliant As students, more and more straight As holders each year, from 6As to 13As, 13As to 20As, and maybe 20As to 50As in the future? Are they really all rounded or it is just because of the exam oriented culture. Students study blindly for the exams, become a part time scanner or copier just to memorise all the facts without digesting the real content. When it is time for sitting examinations, they vomit everything out in the exams hall and get good grades.

Okay now back to myself.

I am on my pathway to be a teacher. Yes, we are being judge based on the examination scores. I just don’t get it. We learn tons and millions of teaching and learning facts and theories. We memorize each theories by the educationists and then? Apply those great theories in our EXAMINATIONS. Do we really practice and value each teaching and learning theories???

My answer: “NO! To be honest, I study and memorise it just for the sack of exams.”

After the exams?


I can’t imagine in few years time, I’m going to be a Science teacher who teach the Science subject merely for the students to pass or score well. I can’t to force myself to teach my beloved students by following the Science syllabus blindly without sharing the current issues out of the syllabus with them! I can’t force myself to give them the answer at the back of the book without explaining why and how!

I will not allow myself to be a robotic teacher who always gives lecture notes for the sake of exams in class. I feel if I do not share my knowledge with my dear students, don’t call me a TEACHER then. Call me whatever you want except the word “teacher” or “cikgu” or “lao shi”.

I am sure I can produce great excellent brilliant students if I teach according to the syllabus blindly. But, the problem is, how many of them will really understand and appreciate what have they learnt?

If I were given choices, I rather choose those students who are actively in class who we can play and jokes along teaching and learning session and not book worms who just stare at you as if you are the frightening wicked witch. T_T

Time to change Malaysia’s education! Re-create an education system that we Malaysian can be proud of.