Sunday, October 26, 2008

My injuries

2 weeks ago, I fall down on the rough Tar road due to Netball training. (or can I say PLAYING with friends)

As you know, whenever you fall down and people ask why, and if you answer
"Due to training la..."

They will say in sympathy "Oh... So Kesian. Why train until like that?"

If you told them you fall due to PLAYING with friends,
They will laugh at you and say " Haha. Good la. Who call you play until so ganas...?!"

See the difference?

So when people ask me about the injuries this time, I will answer
"Tu.... That stupid netball training la..."
(To gain sympathy)


The blood clot at my left waist.

Day 1.

Day 2.

Day 3.

Day 4.

My palm injuries.

Being wrapped...~

Oh.. My beautiful left palm.

Both my hands.

After washing...
Wet and Yucks!!

Closer View.
There goes my beautiful hand. T_T

After 1 week, the wound dries.
Thick hard skin is formed.

After 2 weeks,
Ta daa....~!!!
Almost ok already.

*By the way, the thick hard skin was still attached on my palm.
But few days ago I went Bukit Merah Water Resort, played water, etc.
Just that on my way back from Bkt Merah to Penang, I looked at my hand.
Ahhh YES!!! The hard skin is gone!!!
Probably the skin dropped in the pool water.

So I am giving advises here, for those of you who wanna go to Bukit Merah Water Resort, please DO NOT accidentally drink or purposely drink the pool water if you are thirsty.
You probably drink contaminated Candice's thick hard skin water!!

REST IN PEACE my thick hard skin.

I don't need you anymore!!
Heeeheeeheee...!!! :p