Sunday, October 19, 2008

Candice's school project

School projects

Subject: Science

Topic: Float and Sink

My “Float and Sink” shoe box kit.

Top and the side.

Another side.

Closer view: coins,cotton, paper clip, paper

Another close view: paper clip

Another closer view: RM0.01 coins

Top part: List of material and apparatus

Next, will be the activity card. Made by me le… So it is a bit ….. zzz…

First page.

Second page.

Third page.

Forth page.

Last page.

Hahaha… I am just not good in decoration.

Maybe you will be wondering which course am I taking.
Why need to do such project???

Well let me tell you here…
I am taking Bachelor’s Degree in Education in Penang.
Yes, you are not wrong. I am in education field.

Hehehe… Will be a Science teacher in 3 years time…!!!

Surprise?? No…???

Blah… O_o