Sunday, October 26, 2008

Candice's kiddo pic!

Date: 1999.
Place: SJK (C) Siang Lin, Melaka.
Purpose: Standard 6 class photo. (6M)

Guess where am I?

  1. My eyes are still the same.
  2. My smile is still the same too.
  3. I am so cute. XD
  4. I am sure you can spot me easily.
Leave me a comment to spot where am I.

Oh... So cutie.... (I am just being too SS!! XD)

Picture credit to Chan Tai Khim.

Thanks a lot to him.

*My pic dunno hilang where d.... >.<*


Muhammad Nazeef said...

so hard la~
im not sure which one but i bet you must be one of the smiling faces with teeth showing lol~


candicechong said...

Yup!! i can count how many teeth i have when I smile. =.= my mouth is BIG! swt..

Anonymous said...

second row, the fourth one..

candicechong said...

so smart! haha.. Easy to spot isn't it. My look is just the same since small. Never change much. ^_^

Muhammad Nazeef said...

baru jer nak teka yg tuh...

candicechong said...

[nazeef] hahaha... all so smart....