Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Remember this?
Kota A Famosa, Malacca!!

Below are the scenery we girls took in this beautiful historical place.

I was the tour guide when my group of friends from different states dropped by at Malacca.
Er... It was four months ago..?
Now only upload the pictures....

Need a tour guide next time?
Find me!
It is FREE OF CHARGE though..~
But with condition, treat me eat!! ^___^

Thanks to Wenjia for taking this picture.


Ta-Daaa~!!! I love this picture!!
So Cute!!
Hehe, I am the photographer for this.

Look at Kean.... A very cheerful girl.

Eh.. Posing~?!! Hehe..

See another view?


We meant for each other ya!!
See the two girls at the side...
Purposely wanna squeeze into this picture.

Sim is missing in this picture.

What are they looking at?

This is the new tower in Malacca. They called it "Mayang Sari" tower.
It's Taming Sari!!!
Don't know what does that mean.
Anyone knows?

Sitting in front of the tower.

While waiting for the tower to operate, we POSE!

Took this while waiting to enter the tower.

In the tower.

O_o wonder what am I doing?

Answer ? Below!!

To take this picture!!!
Everyone was looking at me that time for taking this picture!!

Double Daker Bus??!!
Nah.. It is Malacca City Tour Bus.
Pay RM5 can ride for the whole day.
The driver will bring you to many historical places.
Very worth it.
But I never naik before thou.

With this, I end my post with this pose.
Gosh!! Can't imagine I did that in public!!!
Hahaha... This ain't the usual Candice.


TOLANIC.com said...

lol..what are you doing on the floor? i've been to this tower before =)

Shu Yi said...

eh Candice,not Menara Taming Sari meh!!

candicechong said...

hhahaha..ya lo hor...
ok i edit!!