Monday, September 1, 2008

Mah mooncakes!

These are the mooncakes I bought few days ago.
But I am not going to eat it.
I plan to post back to my hometown as I will not celebrate mooncake festival with family these year.
Kat Penang la.. What to do... Haiz...

Post some pics of mooncake that I bought here.

Four in one packaging...

~*From the top*~

~*Front view*~

~*Side view*~

~*The mooncake's brand : Mai Ke Si*~

~*4 mooncakes in a box*~

~*The 4 mooncakes with its box*~

~* Ta- daa~~ Inner design*~

~*Four different flavours: Low sugar white lotus, Toffee chocolate walnut brownie, Pearl of harmony, Pure lotus single yolk

Bought another one, it's in

One packaging...

~*The single mooncake box*~

~*Single mooncake in a box*~

Show you guys my roommate's mia... Her packaging is as below. Very unique! ^_^

~*The big square box*~

~*Closer view*~

~*8 in 1 packaging*~

I realized I buy mooncakes not because of the flavours, but the nice packaging!!
So mooncakes seller/ factory out there, please produce nice nice packaging! I will support you!!