Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jalan-jalan at Penang Island

17 September 2008 was Penang's public holiday.
People in Malacca did not have the holiday.
Okay, I'm evil. XD

Went to Penang island by ferry from Butterworth.

Morning 10a.m, not many people on the ferry yet.

Guess everyone is still sleeping because of the holiday?

Wanna go "Shh-shh" or "berak-ing"??
Don't worry.
On the ferry, they provide wash rooms.

But I wonder where the "shhh-shh" and "ta pian" go to after someone uses the toilet?!
Into the sea for the fish to "enjoy"?

Outlook for today.
Top: White long sleeve top + Black singlet
Bottom: Pink 3/4 fibre pant.
Hair: 忍者 Ninja's hair. (Top high short pony tail)

Camwhoring 1.
Unsatisfied. My Face is too round. =.="

Tak puas hati!
Camwhoring 2.

There is mist in the morning.

Getting better after 5 minutes.

Took this while still on the ferry.

Next destination: Kek Lok Si.

Go for breakfast sin...~

Sim is just so poor in taking photographs!
See below, you will know what I meant.

See!!! Shaking!!!
Camera set to anti shake still can take until like that.
Ish..~ :p
(Haha.. Hope she will not see this post!)

Snap again!

Okay! This is better.

What I ate?
Penang Famous Fried Kuey Teow!!

Eh? No prawn?

Nah.. Tu.. Itu prawn-prawn at there.
Can you see it?
Oh with the big fat tau geh...~

After 5 minutes.....

Totally clean!!!
Yes!! B.E.R.S.I.H!!

Show you my photo skills.
Ta Dang....~~~!!!!
At least better than Sim's skill. :D
Left: Sim
Right: Yi

After makan, jalan-jalan around.

Oh.. I saw a dumb lady selling hair accessories.
She could not speak.
The way she communicates with her customers is by pressing the price amount with her calculator.
I did buy some things from her.
Support her ma.
Below are part of the things she sells.

Hair clips, Colourful rubber bands, stickers etc...

Morning walk..~

A very happening road.

Choosy babes look for slipper.

Feeling thirsty?

Stop by at a sugar cane stall.

Look at her.
Smile until cannot see the eyes.
So happy with her sugar cane drink.

Camwhoring while drinking. Ahaks~!!

On the way to Kek Lok Si temple.

Stalls selling different kinds of things.

Look at the two pretties behind.. Haha..

Yi, Girl, Sim, Me!! :)

Hungry already?
Stop by at a stall which sells Penang Laksa.

Look at the yummy gravy...!

Penang Laksa + Sugar cane drink = Sedapnya~

Okay, next stop==> Gurney Plaza

A wishing well of hope and love.
Donation for the children. :D

Saw this cute little boy at the wishing well!
He was looking at us to drop the coin.
He then asked some coins from his mami to do donation.
Ain't he cute?

Went for movie La Lingerie.
The actress are pretty and hot!!

Had our lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant.

"Si Muk Nai Cha"
~*A mixture of tea and coffee*~

My favourite: French toast!!

The food below looks nice.
But it is super NOT NICE! >_< Very disappointed with the food and services there.




This is mine.
The whole bowl of rice I only like this two sotong!

Okay, now playing time.
Playing with food since the food not nice!!

I am gonna eat youuuu..



Eat it!!!

This is the left over spaghetti.
Yucks!! Not not NOT nice!!

Now their turn with the corn. =.="

Sim the jagung~!! :p

Paling geram yang ini.
Ask for milk to mix with coffee.
But the waiter did not bring it.

Ask for fresh milk again.

Okay give up!!
Don't wanna wait for it anymore!!

Next stop==> Gurney Drive.

Lots of people having for dinner there.

Night: Camwhoring again. Swt!! =.=""""



Bought a present for mami.
Gonna bring this present back to Malacca during Raya holidays.

I end this post with this sweet loving photo.

Saw an old couple holding hands while walking.
Ah gong helped ah ma to carry things.
So so so sweet...~!!
Sorry ya ah gong ah ma I just can't stop myself from taking this picture. :D

8 comments: said...


Tak ajak me T____________T

candicechongyx said...

haha...if you were in penang i sure bring u jalan-jalan de...
neway, are you from mlk?

reanaclaire said...

hi..actually was supposed to go pg yesterday..but didnt jadi cos something else popped up..might go this weekend instead.. i love pg food next to IPOH , of course.. are u from PG? said...

sep 17th is a holiday in penang arh?
wat holiday orh??
coz that day is my god sister's birthday leh!!!


candicechong said...
17th sept is Penang's public holiday.
if im not mistaken it's Islam occasion.
But cant remember what festival is that.
Anyone knows?

reanaclaire , not from penang.
im from malacca.
i come here for studies.


~*angeline*~ said...

u went there for study meh?
not spent money meh?
eh the 'luo' is real one ar?
wer u bought?
christal's house?
eleh..waste money sister...

KNizam said...

whoaaaaa i want the kuetiaw
it's been ages since my last kuetiaw at gurney drive. hehe :)

candicechong said...

Angeline... where got spend money?
just makan angin only la...
ngek!! ngek!! ngek!!

then u shall visit penang again!
a very veautiful island!