Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I miss Kuantan food.

I dig the old folders in my lappy and I found these photos.
It was 3 days 2 nights trip when I went to see the SUKMA events in Kuala Terengganu.
I remembered baby’s family and I wanted to look for Chinese food in Terengganu.


We failed.
So we drove all the way to Kuantan just to have Chinese meals.

Ou~~…. I miss the crab! The seafood! The sea!

The top part of the crab. Yummy~

Turn the left crab over.. Can you see the fried crab meat?

The restaurant made it like “Yong Tau Foo” but the “Yong Tau Foo” is full with crab meat and with the crab shell. Very delicious!!!

Now see the fish pulak…

Garlic fried slice fish! Another thumb up dishes.

This is the name of the restaurant, Restoran Malaysia. (I guess the owner is very patriotic?!) Oh so paiseh, my shadow “ter-capture” inside.

Look at the famous dishes:

Famous baked crab
Ketam bungkus
Yong Taufu soup
Steamed fish
Garlic fish
Chilli prawn
Garlic prawn

Just look at the menu, stomach already start to make noise.

The look of the restaurant. Very hard to find places to sit. Can you spot my baby? (Bottom right corner the one in black. Haha tengah blur there! :p)

Another good news about this restaurant, the food is all HALAL. (Yes, I say HALAL.) Even though it is opened by a Chinese tau keh. I saw many Malays eat at their restaurant too~.