Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog on Jusco, Seberang Prai

Jaya Jusco, the new shopping centre has been opened in Seberang Prai, P. Pinang.

Here are the pictures I got.
Em... Few weeks aga mia pictures??
Again, I was busy.
Every time need to kumpul till my hard disk has no more spaces then only I arrange the files and folders.
Again, accidentally saw this so I decided to blog on this.

There are more pictures about Jusco, Seberang Prai.
But, wait for next time la.
I am darm lazy...

Jom, pergi Jusco....(Friends did not realise that I took this. :P)

First stop==> Sushi Queen

Sushi Queen~!!!

First time hearing there is such a shop called "Sushi Queen".
"Sushi King" pernah dengar, but... not SUSHI QUEEN.
Maybe it is the wife of Sushi King?
Ok, stop the crap session.

Main concept here is, every thing here looks ORANGE!!

Look at Sim. Trying to figure out what to eat.

Here's mine.
Fried soft shell prawn.
Very crispy.

Lunch of the day~!!

Next, jalan-jalan.
Then I saw this!!!

Lots of colourful CANDIES and keropok!!!

Look at this.
Tell me which shop has more customers??!!

Elianto of course! If you compare to TheFaceShop.

This is called "Mua-chi"?
Inside,it has sesame ice cream!!!
Very superbly nice!

1 biji for RM2!

Look like Pao huh?!

Bite it?

Sesame Ice cream inside!!!

Next makan session?

Roti boy~
The one that very famous in KLCC.

Was biting it....

Look!!! There's something inside!!!

Oh... Juicy butter!!!
Really.. Damn a lot butter!!

Gained a few kgs for this!! >.<"

3 comments: said...

Bring me go Kia kia la next time xD

~*angeline*~ said...

huh...she dint bring me go kia kia also when i went penang!

candicechong said...

hahaha..ish... next time la.. im your tour guide u belanja me eat!! ngek! ngek! ngek! :P